Hi, I'm a simple college student wasting my time on Tumblr. Most people here call me OCIS or Consuela if you're a real piece of work. I'm a mechanical engineering major who enjoys things like anime, manga, books, and technology. I track satsukichans.
Even the hottest girl in the world still farts and poops.
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    Kohske’s GANGSTA. #6 Pixiv promotional picture (also used as the LE volume six cover).

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    Just a reminder that the Akatsuki No Yona and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji anime are both coming this October! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

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    The Chimera Arc is very dark

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    alluka? nanika?

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    All right, folks, take a moment of your time and look and this woman right here.

    This woman grew up in an extremely abusive environment being sold to become a prostitute as a child, and succeeded to become a leader of the underground city guard. With the way she was keeping things in order she and her amazon squad became so famous that a child almost pissed himself from fear after recognizing her, and a man who threatened to kill a prostitute got his fucking arm cut off.

    She has basically sworn her life to protecting other people’s, and especially her older sister figure’s, welfare. She fucking cut her face as a child because she believed it would help her leave her selfishness and vanity behind and make her more devoted. She constantly fights to keep her emotions in line and tired to learn how to do it without feeling and seeming distant. And she fucking learns, because she has one of the biggest character development arcs in the entire series.

    Her entire squad of female warriors is made from people who were saved by her and were given a purpose. She led that squad through the rebellion against the city tyrant, participated in the fucking seizing of the shogun’s palace (when, once again, her leading skills came in handy), saved the protagonist’s life more than once, and her generousity turned a group of aggressive jealous women into her friends and allies.

    And if your biggest problem with her is that she cannot hold her liquor or that she punched the protagonist in the face for acting inappropriate or some other minor shit from the gag scenes, you seriously need to sit down and think about your behaviour.

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    hey noragami is on netflix

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    Title: UnknownL-L-L-L-Luffy-senpai!!!
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