Hi, I'm a simple college student wasting my time on Tumblr. Most people here call me OCIS or Consuela if you're a real piece of work. I'm a mechanical engineering major who enjoys things like anime, manga, books, and technology. I track satsukichans.
Even the hottest girl in the world still farts and poops.
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    Currently Watching: Aldnoah.Zero - Gintama- Haikyu! - Hunter x Hunter - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Monthly Girls' Nozuki kun - Space Dandy - Terror in Resonance - Tokyo Ghoul Currently Reading: A Silent Voice - Blue Exorcist - Magi - My Love Story!! - One Piece - One Punch Man - Seraph of the End - World Trigger

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    I got bad news for you

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    I’ll kill you. Right here. Right Now.

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     me every fucken night on this website

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    these two’s got the ideal friendship imo

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    When my code doesn’t work and I don’t understand why image

    When my code DOES work and I still don’t understand why.


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