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au where everytime ed does something dumb or reckless al just looks into the camera like he’s on the office

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the name tashigi means a flightless bird, this name is very much a reflection of herself. In regards to the bird itself, Oda stated that though a bird cannot fly, it does not mean that it never will.


                   Jewerly Bonney Apreciation Post
"A pirate helping someone? Never heard about that before!"

Happy Birthday Nami ❤


 Screw writing “strong” women.  Write characters who are people.
"Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have 
always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have
never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have
different values! Those who stand at the top determine what's
wrong and what's right!"

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Resposters Page


Hey guys! We really wish our fandom didn’t have people who repost and claim the works of other people but unfortunately, we do. To prevent the circulation of reposted works, we’ve made a reposters page where you can ignore or avoid reblogging from the people on the list.

Message us if you wish to add a reposter to the list (please make sure they are a reposter) and please refrain from sending hate to any of the blogs.

How to tell if a blog reposts content?

  • Watermarks - If the work has a watermark which does not match the source or the blog that has posted it, it’s bound to be a repost. Exceptions are if the blogger has changed their URL or wish to use a shortened version of their URL as their watermark.
  • Blog links/tags - If you visit the blog of someone who makes original works, you’re likely to find link that lead you to their graphics, art, writing, etc. If the blog doesn’t have any of those links, there is a chance that what they claim to be original works are in fact reposted. Please search around/be sure before accusing anyone because they might just not have a link/tag for it.
  • Special tags -If you’re unsure, check the tags of the original post. If you don’t see anything along the lines of #my edit #my gifs #my graphics #my art, etc. - It could be a repost. If they do have those tags and you’re adamant that they repost, check those tags and if they’re empty or the things within it are really inconsistent, then it’s likely they’re a reposter.
  • Descriptions - A lot of people who post their own original content would most likely have an indication of it in their description/about page. 
  • Having their ask box closed - while this  may seem like a bit of trivial or bizarre thing to consider, many reposters do turn off their ask box to avoid being called out on the fact that what they post is not their own original work. Most graphic makers/artists/etc. don’t turn off their asks boxes, but please do note that this is not always a valid reason to accuse someone of not posting their original work (they may be new, it may be turned off because they don’t speak English, etc.)
  • Invalid sourcing -  like always, we want to stress that sources such as weheartit or zerochan are absolutely NOT valid sources, and usually indicate a reposter. If you are posting art that is not yours, please source it properly (saucenao is an incredible place to link back art to a valid source)
  • Inconsistent graphic style - because reposters take a lot of content from various different users, you cal sometimes tell if someone’s been reposting if there’s drastic changes in “their” style. However, most graphic makers do experiment, so this is not always a good way to tell if someone is reposting.

Those are just a few ways to tell if bloggers repost content or not. It won’t always be like that so be sure before any accusations are made.

Here is also a tutorial by senj0ugahara on how to take down reposted content.

One Piece anniversary - day 2: villains.
All rocks upon the ground will eventually crumble.”